Our Rates

We only charge you for the time serviced; it's the fairest outcome for both sides. Many cleaning services will charge a flat rate that ends up costing much more than what we charge per hour. To prevent this, we charge only $22 per hr/maid for recurring service within 31 days, and $24 per hr/maid for first-time. This entails a team of 2 maids and all cleaning supplies.

Due to the rising cost of parking fees, we kindly ask customers to cover all parking fees or provide a parking space/parking permit on restricted streets. Thank you for your understanding.

Per Hour/Per Maid: $22 recurring, $24 first time
Minimum Charge: $88 recurring @ 2 hrs., $96 first time @ 2 hrs.
Standard/Fair Condition without pets: Up to 1500 SQ. FT.

Different from many other cleaning services:
  • We send a team of 2 and offer the following competitive rates:
  • $24 per hour/maid for first-time cleanings ($48 per hour for 2 maids)
    $22 per hour/maid for recurring cleanings scheduled within 31 days ($48 per hour for 2 maids)
  • We kindly request customers to cover all parking fees if we cannot find free parking within 1 block, and/or provide a parking space/permit where restricted
  • Our staff are all employees, not independent contractors like many other cleaning companies. We provide them a living wage, vacation pay, worker's compensation, unemployment insurance, and liability insurance
  • Lockbox: For your convenience, we can attach a lockbox at your residence prior to your cleaning so you and the maids can put/retrieve the keys inside. We will contact you with the code and pick up the lockbox within 48 hours
  • We are one of the highest-rated cleaning services in the Chicagoland area
  • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We screen and do background checks on all of our employees and require them to submit to a polygraph test upon request, to which they all agree
  • We always try to send the same the maids for recurring cleanings
  • We supply all cleaning supplies
  • We offer green cleaning upon request
  • Cancellation policy: The following fee will be charged if customer does not cancel within 24 hours:
  • $25 for cleanings under 4 hours
    $40 for cleanings 4 hours and over
    (This fee all goes to the maids for lost work time due to the cancellation)
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